The Standing Committee on Ethnicity, Migration, Rights (EMR) focuses on the closely linked areas of ethnicity, migration, indigeneity, and human rights to provide curricular and co-curricular enrichment for Harvard College students.  The committee serves as a clearinghouse for courses giving attention to fluid group boundaries that emerge nationally and internationally within contexts of forced and voluntary migration. Questions of rights and specifically human rights—including political, legal, cultural, and economic rights—occupy an important position within studies of shifting ethnic landscapes. 

EMR is a vibrant and thriving community on campus including faculty, staff, and students. 
The Committee hosts events, publishes a cross-listed course list, offers student research grants, connects students to mentors, and has a growing contingent of secondary concentrators.


Join an EMR Thesis Group

Join an EMR Thesis Group
Email Kirin Gupta '16 at kiringupta@college.harvard.edu 

Are you interested in having thesis support specific to your work as someone writing on transnational issues, rights frameworks, ethnicity, critical race theory, and/or identity? Have thesising concerns about anything you think may relate to your field of EMR (i.e. if it is a part of your thesis, whether or not you are currently enrolled in EMR) or such concepts that you just know are central to your work? Give and receive peer editing, structural accountability, and sounding boards for EMR-related theses by joining an informal, student-led thesis writers' circle that meets biweekly.