2017 Thesis Prize Winners

Thank you to all who entered the 2017 Senior Thesis Prize in Ethnicity, Migration, Rights. Congratulations to the 2017 winners for their outstanding work -- both students also won the Albert M. Fulton, Class of 1897, Prize!

Lorena Aviles Trujillo, '17

Winner | Migrant Smuggling: Understanding the Coyotaje Structure and Its Implications for Immigration Policy

LorenaAvilesI decided to write my thesis on the migrant smuggling after my freshman year when I took Sociology of Immigration, and our final assignment was to write a final paper on a topic of our choice. Therein, I decided to investigate the coyotaje system and realized that there wasn’t much information about it. As time went on, I continued to investigate this issue and eventually began my project under Professor Jocelyn Viterna. Read More...





Itzel Vasquez-Rodriguez, '17

Winner | Unincorporated and Unprotected: East Porterville and the California Drought

Itzel Vasquez-RodriguezI decided to write on this topic because I’m a native Californian and have lived most of my life in a drought. I have a lot of pride for the state and love learning as much about California as I can.

 About two years ago, I had come across an article in which NASA warned that California had only one year of water left. In a frantic google search, I came to learn that there were actually towns close to me that hadn’t had water for 2 years. Not only that, these towns without water were majority Latinx. I was shocked that I was just hearing about this issue, and that it was not being covered very much in the media. I knew then I wanted to write and investigate this topic further. Read More...