2021 Thesis Prize Winners

Vivekae Kim ’21
Winner | ‘Future Revolutionaries’: A Campaign to Reform Immigration Court in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands

Concentrator in Anthropology; HIstory

Vivekae’s thesis is an ethnographic project emerging from engaged research with “Pima County Justice for All,” a virtual ballot initiative to guarantee public defender representation in Arizona immigration courts. It analyzes issues of race, citizenship, abolition, and immigration with complexity and nuance. EMR readers praised its “careful, precise, and deliberate prose” and artful storytelling, calling it “a fabulous example of engaged scholarship.”   

Honorable Mentions

Anna Kate Cannon '21
Honorable Mention | Toward Futures Free from Violence: Responses to Violence Against Indigenous Women and LGBTQ2S People in the United States

Concentrator in History & Literature

Anna Kate’s thesis demonstrates that legislative and carceral remedies have failed to intervene in violence against Indigenous women and LGBTQ2S persons. It presents thorough critiques of settler structures of sexuality, carcerality, and policing, arguing that their harmful effects are furthered by measures such as the Violence Against Women Act. EMR reviewers praised the thesis for innovatively connecting political and legal frameworks to visions of justice explored in the genre of a graphic novel; one called it “an exemplary work of interdisciplinary scholarship.”

Joy Nesbitt '21
Honorable Mention | Call, Response, and Go-Go Live: Making a Musical Movement for Black Lives in Washington, D.C. in 2020

Concentrator in Anthropology; Music

Joy’s thesis documents the work of the Washington, D.C. organization “Long Live GoGo” in the summer and fall of 2020. An engaged scholarly project with rich theoretical dimensions, it highlights Go-Go’s recurring role in resisting antiBlackness and the organization’s grassroots techniques for generating political momentum and strategy. An EMR reviewer noted that this thesis weaves between historical and present Black protest movements, music and sound theory, and performance studies “with care and critical dexterity.”