Approaches to Ethnic and Indigenous Studies Across the Disciplines

Our lecture series, Approaches to Ethnic and Indigenous Studies Across the Disciplines, features informal conversations with faculty from Harvard and beyond about how Ethnic and Indigenous Studies shape scholarship is particular disciplines. 

We understand "Ethnic and Indigenous Studies" to refer to interdisciplinary scholarship that analyzes the production of differences based on race, ethnicity, and nation in their relationships to sexuality, gender, religion, and more. Presenters will discuss the impact of Ethnic and/or Indigenous Studies on their disciplines, and how they shape the presenter's research, writing, and teaching.



Schedule forthcoming!



Gabriela Soto LaveagaHistory of Science: Gabriela Soto Laveaga



Natasha WarikooEducation: Natasha Warikoo



Noe MontezTheater and Performance: Noe Montez



Ajantha SubramanianAnthropology: Ajantha Subramanian



Stephanie Rivera BerruzPhilosophy: Stephanie Rivera Berruz



Philip DeloriaHistory: Philip Deloria