Approaches to Ethnic and Indigenous Studies Across the Disciplines

The Committee on Ethnicity, Migration, Rights hosts this monthly series of informal conversations with faculty from Harvard and beyond to consider the methodological contributions that ethnic and indigenous studies make across the academic disciplines.

We understand "ethnic and indigenous studies" to refer to scholarship that analyzes the production of differences based on race, ethnicity, and nation in their relationships to sexuality, gender, religion, and more. This year's Approaches series features scholars whose work demonstrates the importance of interdisciplinarity to these inquiries.




September 24, 2 Arrow St. room 408, noon

Co-sponsored by Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Robert Reid-Pharr    Robert Reid-Pharr

    Professor of Women, Gender, and Sexuality and of African and African American Studies

    Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences


October 2, Riverview Commons (10th floor, Smith Center), noon

Roberto G. Gonzales    Roberto Gonzales

    Professor of Education

    Harvard Graduate School of Education


November 13, Collaborative Commons, Isaacson Room (2nd floor, Smith Center), noon

Co-sponsored by History of Science

    Eram Alam 

    Assistant Professor of History of Science

    Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences






Gabriela Soto LaveagaHistory of Science: Gabriela Soto Laveaga



Natasha WarikooEducation: Natasha Warikoo



Noe MontezTheater and Performance: Noe Montez



Ajantha SubramanianAnthropology: Ajantha Subramanian



Stephanie Rivera BerruzPhilosophy: Stephanie Rivera Berruz



Philip DeloriaHistory: Philip Deloria