EMR Senior Thesis Showcase | End-of-Year Party & Senior Send-off


Friday, May 6, 2022, 1:00pm


2 Arrow St. 4th Floor, Room 420

Join us for our final event of the semester: the EMR Senior Thesis Showcase! Students who have written theses related to topics in ethnicity, indigeneity, migration and border studies, and human rights will present their research. The presentations will run from 1-4pm.

1-2pm Panel
Farah Afify (Social Studies):  Radical & Muslim: Islamic Liberationist Thought in the Black Panther Party
Jerrica Li (Comparative Literature):  This New Planetary Reality: On the Borders of Genre in Chinese Diasporic Fiction
Matteo Wong (History & Literature): Up the Stairs to the Basement Workshop: Sustaining Art, Activism, and an Asian American Community in New York City, 1970–86

2-3pm Panel
Celina Hollmichel (Government; East Asian Studies):  Escape, Resettlement, and Dashed Expectations: Long-term Integration Challenges for North Korean and East German Refugees
Fatima Taj (History & Literature):  ‘Graveyard of Empires’ or Lush Landscape? Afghanistan’s Environment in Cultural Productions, 1971-2021
Ajay Singh (Social Studies):  Making South Asian America: A Historical Study of South Asian Migrant Organizing in NYC, 1992-2003

3-4pm Panel
Kelsey Chen (Social Studies; History of Art & Architecture):  Things Adrift: A Vital Materialist Account of Trinh Mai’s Sculpture as Feminist Refuge-Making Craft
Alec Fischtal (History):  A Nation of Strangers: Anti-Communism, Anti-Discrimination, and the Politics of Immigration Reform, 1952–1965
Ruth Jaensubhakij (Social Studies):  To Restore the World: Anti Human Trafficking Organizations in Thailand and Protestant Churches in the U.S.

Stick around from 4-5pm for our end-of-year party and senior send-off!

We respectfully request that all attendees remain masked for the duration of this event.

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