Processing the Pandemic/These Times


Processing the Pandemic/These Times is a yearlong workshop series presented by the Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies Working Group that showcases AAPI responses to COVID-19—as both a virus and a social construction— throughout the social sciences, with particular emphasis on methods, findings, and community engagement. The Fall 2020 segment of the workshop series, Processing the Pandemic: The AAPI COVID-19 Project, Findings, Methods, Community, focused on responses to the increase in anti-Asian racism and to the inequalities made manifest by COVID-19, culminating in a collective research project that brought together social scientists and humanists with the aim of studying the pandemic through the lens of Asian American and Pacific Islander lives and experiences. The workshops discussed preliminary findings and research methods of interviews and data collection as well as ways of organizing and building community resilience during the pandemic.

The two-part segment planned for Spring 2021, Processing These Times: Cure/ation and Creation, shifts its focus from processing the pandemic to processing these times to redefine the means of artistic and humanist expressions. This series will include a photography workshop with Idaho-based artist Paul Bonnell, and an art workshop and panel with members of the Asian American Feminist Collective. With these refractive and alternative art practices, the series hopes to construct new ways of processing these times.

This series is made possible with generous support from the Provostial Fund for Arts and Humanities and from Christine Yano and Neal Adolph Akatsuka, authors of Straight A's: Asian American College Students in Their Own Words.

Upcoming Events

2022 Oct 14

Muslim American Studies Working Group Kickoff Event

3:30pm to 5:00pm


2 Arrow Street, 4th floor, Room 420
Muslim American Studies Working Group kickoff event.   Come learn more about MASWG and meet our community
Food and refreshments will be provided.  More information to come.