Latina/o Studies

Latina/o Studies

The goal of this secondary pathway is to support study of Latinos in the United States including attention to history, language, culture, demographics, legal rights, and immigration status. 

Five courses (20 credits) are required. 

  1. One Portal Course in Latina/o Studies.  Courses designated as Portal Courses are meant to give students an overview of one or more of our core areas and should be taught by Harvard ladder faculty.  Many Portal Courses are taught by EMR committee members.  On occasion, a student may be granted permission to use another course from the list as a Portal Course.  Students wishing to discuss this option should do so with a Secondary Field Academic Advisor.
  2. Three elective courses in Latina/o Studies.  Two of these electives must be above the introductory level. 
  3. One comparative course.  Comparative courses should consider study of ethnicity and culture from another perspective, which may include the study of another ethnic group within the United States or another globally comparative framework.


Four of the five courses must be taken for a letter grade and passed with a B- or better. One course, including approved Freshman Seminars, may be taken Pass/Fail or SAT/UNS.

Courses related to the fields of EMR from study abroad, Harvard Summer School, and other Harvard schools may count toward the secondary field with approval.

Harvard College policy states that only one course may be double-counted for concentration credit and secondary field credit. There is no limit to the number of courses that can be double-counted for secondary field credit and General Education credit.

Students should consult with the Secondary Field Academic Adviser for guidance in choosing appropriate courses or to request approval for course exceptions.

For Ethnicity, Migration, Rights requirements, please visit the EMR requirements page.