Ethnic Studies Proponents Plan Advocacy Efforts

January 23, 2017
Ethnic Studies Proponents Plan Advocacy Efforts

By: Joshua J. Florence, Mia C. Karr | The Crimson

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According to organizer Itzel L. Vasquez-Rodriguez ’17, the Wintersession workshop is a continuation of a discussion started at an October “teach-in” co-sponsored by Concilio Latino, Native Americans at Harvard College, and the Task Force for Asian and Pacific American Studies. At the teach-in, Nguyen presented research on the history of activism for ethnic studies at Harvard, discussing past proposals for ethnic studies programs that the University rejected.

“[The Wintersession workshop was] looking toward a future-oriented action, rather than the teach-in, which was very much past-focused,” she said. Nguyen and other organizers brainstormed potential allies for their cause and next steps in their path to advocating for an ethnic studies program.