Jessica Tang quietly makes history with Boston Teachers Union election

June 11, 2017

By: Adrian Walker | Boston Globe

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The most remarkable thing about Jessica Tang’s ascension as head of the Boston Teachers Union might be just how unremarkable it feels.

Tang’s election last week as president of one of the city’s most important unions was anticlimactic: She was unopposed. She’s the first person of color to head the union, the first member of the LGBT community, and the first woman in more than three decades. Since 1983, in fact, only two people, Edward Doherty and the retiring Richard Stutman, have led the city’s teachers. [...]

“In college, I [Jessica Tang] really learned about service and advocacy,” she said. “And also you learn about social inequities. And once you learn about them — at least for me — you have to do something about it. You can’t just sit back and do nothing once you know that there’s injustice.” [...]

Jessica Tang is a Harvard University graduate.