Secondary Field

The secondary field in Ethnicity, Migration, Rights (EMR, formerly Ethnic Studies) offers students an opportunity to pursue sustained, interdisciplinary study of ethnicity, migration, indigeneity, and human rights, especially with attention to Asian American, Latino, and Native American topics. Courses in EMR are taught by faculty from across the disciplines in FAS, as well as at other Harvard schools, and draw on materials from the humanities and social science.

Study in EMR allows students to explore our core areas from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Students who decide to pursue the secondary field can choose from a wide range of courses under the guidance of an academic adviser from the Committee. Given the relevance of EMR topics to both local and global issues, the secondary field both encourages and provides opportunities for interacting directly with local communities and working outside the traditional classroom.

The secondary field in EMR offers opportunities to focus in a meaningful way in the areas of ethnicity, migration, indigeneity, and human rights. Students may take courses in several of these areas or choose to focus on one or two of these tracks. A specialty track in Latino Studies is available.

For further information about requirements for the EMR secondary field or the Latino Studies secondary field, click here. For further information about advising, click here.