Advisory Committee


Eram Alam

Assistant Professor, History of Science (Medicine)
Faculty Director, Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies Working Group

Eram Alam specializes in the history of medicine, with a particular emphasis on globalization, migration, and health during the twentieth century.

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Lowell Brower

Lowell Brower

Lecturer on Folklore and Mythology; Lecturer on Social Studies
Lowell Brower is the Head Tutor / Director of Undergraduate Studies and a Lecturer for the Committee on Degrees in Folklore and Mythology at Harvard.... Read more about Lowell Brower
Glenda R. Carpio

Glenda R. Carpio

Professor of English and of African and African American Studies

Glenda R. Carpio is Professor of African and African American Studies and English at Harvard University. Her book, Laughing Fit to Kill:...

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Bruno Carvalho

Bruno Carvalho

Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures and African and African American Studies

Bruno Carvalho works on cities as lived and imagined spaces. He studies relationships between cultural practices and...

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Philip Deloria

Philip Deloria

Leverett Saltonstall Professor of History

Philip J. Deloria is the Leverett Saltonstall Professor of History at Harvard University, where his research and teaching focus on the social,...

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Jinah Kim

Jinah Kim

George P. Bickford Professor of Indian and South Asian Art
Jinah Kim (PhD, UC Berkeley) teaches South and Southeast Asian art. Professor Kim’s research and teaching interests cover a broad range of topics with special... Read more about Jinah Kim
caroline light

Caroline Light

Director of Undergraduate Studies; Senior Lecturer on Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Caroline Light is the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Harvard’s Program in Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality. She has a doctorate in history, with particular focus on gender, race, and sexuality in the U.S. South. ... Read more about Caroline Light

Malavika  Reddy

Malavika Reddy

Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Malavika Reddy is a sociocultural anthropologist. Dr. Reddy’s research focuses on the law and its shadows; kingship, authority and... Read more about Malavika Reddy