Raquel Vega-Durán

Raquel Vega-Durán

Chair, EMR Faculty Advisory Committee
Senior Lecturer, Romance Languages and Literatures (Spanish)
Raquel Vega-Durán
Research Interests: Migration and Border Studies; Transatlantic history and literature; Peninsular (Spain) Cultural Studies; Film and Media Studies; Mediterranean Crossings; Gender Studies; Digital Humanities; Narratives of Identity, Memory, Forgetting, and Exile; Intersections between Art and Literature; Contemporary Peninsular Literature and Film.

Academic Degrees: B.A. in British and American Studies, Universidad de Sevilla; Certificate of Graduate Studies in Film Studies, University of Michigan; Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Michigan.

Raquel's book Emigrant Dreams, Immigrant Borders: Migrants, Transnational Encounters, and Identity in Spain (Lewisburg: Bucknell UP, 2016) offers a new approach to the cultural history of contemporary Spain, examining the ways in which Spain’s own self-conceptions are changing and multiplying in response to migrants from Latin America and Africa. The book proposes that Spain is evolving into a new space of the imagination, one that can no longer be defined without the migrant—a space in which there is no unified identity, but rather a new self-understanding is being born. Raquel Vega-Durán introduces the reader to a wide range of recent films, journals, novels, photography, paintings, and music to reconsider the complexity of contemporary Spanish identity through its varied encounters with migrants. Emigrant Dreams, Immigrant Borders both places Spain in a larger European context and draws attention to some of the features that, from a comparative perspective, make the Spanish case interesting and often unique.

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