The Committee on Ethnicity, Migration, Rights (EMR) is a standing committee in the Faculty of Arts & Sciences. The Committee focuses on the closely linked areas of ethnicity, migration, indigeneity, and human rights to provide curricular and co-curricular enrichment for Harvard College students.  The committee serves as a clearinghouse for courses giving attention to fluid group boundaries that emerge nationally and internationally within contexts of forced and voluntary migration. Questions of rights and specifically human rights—including political, legal, cultural, and economic rights—occupy an important position within studies of shifting ethnic landscapes.

EMR is charged with expanding offerings regarding ethnic communities within the United States, with particular attention to Asian American, Latino, and Native American topics.  At the same time, many offerings listed by the committee are broadly comparative and international in their content.

Courses in EMR are taught by faculty from across the disciplines in FAS as well as at other Harvard schools and draw on materials from the social sciences and humanities.  The Committee also offers a secondary concentration.