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Senior Thesis Prize in Ethnicity, Migration, Rights
Deadline: April 14, 2022, 11:59PM
Award Amount: $500

The Senior Thesis Prize recognizes projects that contribute to current scholarly discourses about ethnicity, migration, indigeneity, race, and/or rights. There is no restriction on field, methodology, or the form of the theses to be considered for this prize. Creative projects are eligible.

Projects will be evaluated based on their depth and breadth of research, originality of topic, clarity of expression, and strength of argument. The winning thesis or theses will define, explore, and expand its area of knowledge in Native American Studies, Latinx Studies, Asian American Studies, or another area of ethnicity, migration, indigeneity, race, or rights. Projects can have a U.S./domestic, international, or transnational focus.

Individual professors, departments, or concentrations may nominate candidates, or candidates may nominate their own paper. 


To apply complete the CARAT application, a common online application used by many granting centers at Harvard. You can find the application under "Browse Opportunities and Apply," and then running a keyword seach by using "EMR." 

complete nomination will include the following components in PDF format: 

  1. Candidate’s thesis 
  2. Readers' comments on nominated thesis
  3. Candidate’s CV or resume
  4. Letter of recommendation supporting the candidate’s submission

Submitting letters through CARAT is the preferred method for submission. If letters are emailed, please send them as a PDF document on letterhead with a formal signature.

If you experience issues with CARAT, please send all materials (in PDF format only) directly to EMR. Questions should also be directed to EMR administrators at emr [at] or 617.496.9318.

* EMR has physical copies of winning theses at 2 Arrow Street, 4th Floor. We encourage all potential applicants for this prize to review these documents.