The Committee on Ethnicity, Migration Rights is in process of establishing working groups for students who study issues of human rights, Latinx Studies, Native and Indigenous Studies, and Asian American Studies. These working groups will function as a community for those who pose questions of ethnicity, migration, rights at the center of their work as scholars, mentors, and activists. We welcome undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and Harvard affiliates. 

Asian American Studies Working Group

Asian American Studies Working Group at Harvard brings together faculty, undergraduate, and graduate students pursuing scholarship about historical and contemporary issues concerning Asian Americans and those of Asian heritage in transnational and global contexts. This working group seeks to create a venue to explore and discuss intellectual contributions in Asian American Studies.

Latina/o Studies Working Group 

The Latina/o Studies Working Group at Harvard fosters collaboration between faculty, undergraduate, and graduate students pursuing scholarship about Latina/o experiences and intellectual traditions. The participants will explore contemporary and historical Latina/o topics in local and transnational contexts.